A Progressive web-application (PWA) that helps you track your expenses in an efficient manner using OCR and make you aware of your spending habits using various charts along with additional features of setting goals and reminders


  • Great UX by leveraging OCR and OpenCv for text detection and extraction
  • Setting monthly goals for specific events like birthdays, etc
  • Reminder for fixed expenses like EMIs, Bills, etc
  • Analysis of prev transactions through heatmaps, pie-chart, etc
  • Showing user which category has the most expense via stacked bar chart
  • Make user aware of its spending habits!

Need a demo?

  • Visit the hosted version
  • Login using demo users and passwords
  • You can view the backend here
username: user_demo
password: Cash@1234

the demo version does not contain OCR functionality, 
for that please refer Local setup section below 

Why our application will give accurate results?

  • Our model utilizes PyTesseract to find the words such as amount/total/grand total/cash usually found on Indian bills/reciept and creating a bounding box around these using openCV
  • Since there was low training data available on Indian bills coupled with time constraints, we had to rely on third party nanonets API for backup
  • We are cross-examining both results and finding the better of the two


  • React and it's related packages
  • Django rest framework
  • PyTessearct, OpenCV, RegEx



  • Nanonets
  • GoogleMapsAPI

Local setup

1. Clone server repo & follow the steps mention here to run server locally:-

2. Clone this repo by running the following command :-

  git clone
  cd cashflow-frontend

3. Now install all the required packages by running the following commands :-

  npm install 

4. Now start the react by running the following command :-

  npm start

5. Create a .env file in the project root folder and copy the format of .env.sample file.

  • .env.sample file contains all the environment variables required for running the project.

6. 🎉 Open your browser and go to https://localhost:3000



react-calendar-heatmap, react-chartjs-2, react-gradient-progress

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