We are tackling Issue Number 9: Enabling other Volunteering Opportunities

Here is a basic rundown of the issue:

  • The current system only has two roles: Hackers and Mentors, both focused on software engineering
  • The goal is to engage with volunteers from different backgrounds to support the platform
  • The system should collect information about what volunteers are looking for
  • Volunteers should be onboarded into Slack and given autonomy to accomplish their goals

Our solution:

  • For each project, volunteers should be able to fill out a form for that specific project.
  • For more general volunteer opportunities: a page is set up so potential volunteers can learn more about their tasks and sign up to be notified.

We are proposing an innovative next iteration data architecture as seen in the screenshots and additional video attached to help facilitate volunteers to connect with projects for which their skills and interests align and for nonprofits to find volunteers who would be good fits for their projects. This solution uses tags and tagmapping as displayed in the demo firestore database in the video and screenshots. Specifically there are three main user and project attribute arrays for which similarities can be found: Skills / Skill Requirements, Interests / Project Context Themes, and Tech Stack Experience / Tech Stack Demands for the project.

Built With

  • mui
  • nextjs
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posted an update

The last-minute publication of the sample firestore data architecture did not make it into the primary solution video but a link is provided along with several screenshots displaying its rough structure. There are several pieces still incomplete but the general idea behind the tag-mapping is shown in the screenshots and the youtube video linked here: https://youtu.be/PT3-u59_Ztw

although we are past the deadline, I feel like i could tighten up that data architecture presentation video quite a bit. Would love to volunteer to help bring this next level iterative development into existence if it is something that ohack deems worthwhile.

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