We wanted to create and simple and fun web app that could make an arbitrary task such as checking the weather more fun. We believe this web app will particularly be useful for people with physical disabilities and may not be able to easily use technology to access the weather on their own.

What it does

The web app takes in a zip code from the user, checks the weather of that location, and returns a playlist of music fitting the weather. For example if it was sunny the playlist would include the songs like "Pocket Full of Sunshine" and "California Gurls".

How we built it

The web app was built with Python using the Flask framework. The webpage was designed using HTML and CSS. We were able to get the weather based on the user's location through the Open Weather Map API, as well as the playlists from the Spotify API. Both of these APIs were implemented using Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Since neither of us had experience using Flask, our main challenge was getting the web app to work, especially with passing data between the front- and back-end of the program. In addition, implementing the Open Weather Map API was challenging for us because neither of us were familiar with how to extract data from a JSON format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of our ability to put together something that we've never done before so successfully, particularly because we were not afraid to ask for help from the mentors. The mentors have been so helpful and encouraging that this hackthon truly felt like an educational and dynamic experience. We were also proud of our idea, because it was not only doable within 24 hours but also taught us a lot about Flask, JS, and APIs.

What we learned

In addition to the technical skills like Flask and APIs, we learned to not be afraid to ask for help and that half of a good hackathon project is simply having a great idea.

What's next for Cash Me Outside with Sick Beats

In the future, we would like to implement voice controls to better suit people with disabilities to make use of the app and get the current location of the user to find the weather.

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