As a group of mostly women, we all collectively noticed that due to our passive and introverted personalities, we struggle with confronting others about the money they owe us. A friend had shared with us an article that women tend to agree to more in the workplace, mundane activities, and tend to struggle with saying no. We also noticed this issue in our financial lives where we let our friend's debts "slide" due to fear of being seen as a nuisance.

What it does

It is an android app that tracks transactions inputted by users that are lending their money. It does the following: -Create groups that allow you to split transactions.

-Add contacts and search of users that are already using the app.

-Lets you add transactions and uncheck mark the users.

-Allocate fractions of the amount owing per individual.

-Net costs are shown for each individual based on a breakdown.

-To checkmark off users that have already paid.

-Sends weekly notifications of money owing to those who are still check marked.

How we built it

Cash collect was built on android studio using java and XML. This app connects to Firebase and utilizes its authentication tools and real-time database.

Challenges we ran into

Not all the members have used android-studio so there was a slight learning curve. The debugging process was time-consuming and limited the number of features that we wanted to implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're all really happy about the product we built, as for most of us (3 out of 4) it was our first Hackathon! Completing the Hackathon in itself and experiencing what it is like to create, implement, and present a project all in a short 36 hour period is something we're all super proud of. Overall, how to implement databases and use Android Studio is a huge accomplishment for all of us.

What we learned

We developed skills using Android Studio while for some of us Java and XML were also a new language for us. We learned how to work in a team and divide our work based on skills. We also learned how to manage time efficiently and the importance of project planning and design flow.

What's next for Cash Collect

Cash Collect is still young, but we would love to see the following implemented for our app:

-Implement a contact database to support real-time transaction tracking

-Secure data scraping from banks to have an automatic list of transactions based on a specified time frame.

-Expanding to business applications such as charging interest based on overdue invoices.

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