Wanting to make a project inspired by Fintech, I wanted to learn more about the PlaidAPI and how it works as well as make an API that I could use with other client apps to consume for other projects that utilize the PlaidAPI.

What it does

The react web app, creates rooms for users to join, upon joining the room and creating a user, the user is prompted to enter their bank username and password via Plaid API link. The call to Plaid returns a public token which is then passed to our API server which creates a user collection with their transaction history. Creating the groups and rooms are handled by the API server that we built

How we built it

There are two different programs at play. There is a Rest API that handles adding and creating users and rooms, as well as consuming the PlaidAPI. The API is built in nodejs with express, connected to a mongo database. The node server and mongo database belong to their respective docker container which hosts the local environment.

Challenges we ran into

(Tommy): Since i never used React the whole project was essentially a challenge for me (Carlos): Managing state within the react web app as well as structuring the REST API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

(Tommy): I am proud of being able to learn a new framework in the span of 36 hours, although i do not know the full scope of it, I am able to make something that i can demo.

What we learned

(Tommy): React js (Carlos): Docker, MongoDB, creating APIs

API Server Web App

Built With

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