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COVID-19 has altered the lives of all people across the planet. Many have found it challenging to keep themselves and others safe, as each individual with COVID-19 experiences varying symptoms. Many have found it challenging to keep themselves and others safe, as each individual with COVID-19 experiences varying symptoms. Our team decided to create an app to help individuals track their health with respect to COVID-19 vocally, effectively allowing users to keep both themselves and their community members safe!

What it does

The Cased Closed COVID-19 Self Assessment uses this CDC screening protocol to create a daily quiz that users can take with a voice assistant. These messages reveal which precautions they should take on a daily basis based on their answers to the quiz. The data is stored in the cloud so that they can look back on their past results, look at recommendation messages uploaded in realtime, and which days and how many days in a row they have taken the self-assessment.

How we built it

We built this app with the help of Android Studio for the dashboard and user registration/login, the Firebase to store user information and quiz results, and Voiceflow to run the voice assistant

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into while building this app would be connecting with a cloud database, particularly with connecting Voiceflow to our realtime database and relaying that data to the app.

Accomplishments we are proud of

We are proud that we were able to learn how to save user information and how to authenticate through the app by connecting it to the Realtime Database. We also learned how to use the API calls in Voiceflow to GET and PUSH to update it with the results of the quiz.

What we learned

As our team is all first-time hackathon attendees and high school students, this was an amazing opportunity to network and learn about software and project management. Learning to work together with people across North America, even within our own team, has taught us that the programming community is so robust and diverse! We also learned about how important time-management is when you are limited to one-and-a-half days.

Google Cloud Integratation

Google Cloud was an integral part of our User Authentication and it saved personal information. We used the Firebase Realtime Database, which was important for saving the past results of the self-assessment as well as customizing the result with their health conditions, age, and more! This made it easy to connect our saved information with the Dashboard as well as with the Voiceflow Google Assistant.

How Voiceflow helped to achieve the goal of our project

Using this tool has helped our team achieve the goal of helping support our community during these difficult times through a fun and interactive way. The Voiceflow project was a big part of our submission and has helped achieve our goal of bringing convenience to users in a fun and interactive way and that motivates people to ensure the daily safety of them and others around. It has ultimately made our idea of user-oriented COVID-19 self-assessments to life. It has also really helped us grow our passion for using up-and-coming technology to better society, and through this vocal COVID-19 self-assessment, this passion of ours could be applied.

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