For a hundred years professors all around the world use case studies to teach students not only theoretical info, but also how to use it practically and solve real life problems. But the format of case studies never changed — students still get a long PDF document with at average 30 pages of text and graphs, that is boring and hard to understand.

Now we faced new reality with COVID-19 pandemic. It is even harder for students to concentrate on learning online and for professors to engage students. So we create a new interacting format. Our platform allows professor to create interactive case studies in medicine, finance, marketing and other spheres' step by step.

What it does

On our platform professor can create online case study with interactive elements step by step. Case study consists from three main parts:

  1. Theoretical part Here professor can add all background that student need to know to solve case. Professor can put text and images, add and customize interactive elements such as dialogs, pop-ups, polls, questions, video, sound, hidden tips. Student can interact with content, for example, interactively chat with famous scientists and get any kind of information depends on how professor build it. While reading theoretical part student can make notes, see his progress, gain accomplishments, that helps add gamification and makes learning fun. Also, students can collaborate and solve cases together.

  2. Idea generation and summiting solution Student have own (or team) spaces where they can write ideas, draw schemes to create and submit solution. Professor can add automatized pop-ups with suggestive questions, tips, facilitate direction of idea generation to help student with that.

  3. Evaluating of solution and comparing with others Professor receives submitted solutions and evaluate it (this is first time professor spends his time on case study after creating it on the platform). Student gets notification about evaluating and after that student can see how others did task and compare different solutions. This helps to share ideas and learn from each other.

With our platform professor can use multimedia tools, automatize learning process and save his time, see insights on how students learn and solve cases, make group assessment and more. Student gets interactive educational case that is easy and fun to solve.

Professor can make his case private only for his student or public to share with students and colleagues all around the world.

How I built it

We used React, Ruby on Rails, heroku, Figma.

What's next for Interactive case studies platform

We've created idea and developed this prototype during 48 hours of hackathon. Also, we’ve interviewed professors from universities around Europe and America and gathered 34 feedbacks — they all were excited and interested in such tool. So we believe it can really change case studies in education, make them interesting, interactive and engaging so student would study with passion and get practical experience.

We need funding to finish development of the platform. We can do it in a month. After that we will start working with publishers and promoting the platform for universities and professors.

Now only a few “libraries of cases” exist. If professor want to use case study, he buys case on or creates it by himself. So we can attract professors to use our platform and create interactive cases as it helps them to engage students more and save their time much better, than PDF cases. And also we will attract publishers (professors, that write and sell cases to other professors) to create and sell to others interactive cases as they can even take their ready PDF cases, make them interactive and sell for second time. Also, this innovation to cases can make a boost and expand market for cases, as interactive cases are easier for professors to use in educational programs than PDF ones. Even a student can buy interactive case for himself, as all tips and suggestive questions are already automatized in case, so he can solve it without professor’s help and then compare his solution to others from all around the world. So it makes case studies market bigger and it's profitable for publishers to create interactive cases on our platform.

Platform is highly actual now, when professors need new tools to engage students with educational materials online and save their time (they can buy ready case study from publisher or exchange cases with other professor and get new case, that he don't spend time on it and only evaluate students` solutions). And also it is highly actual for students as companies don't hire interns much now and only way to get practical experience is to solve cases.

Platform have no using requirements so professors and students from all around the world can use it. And it will be actual after lockdown and crisis, as traditional long PDF case studies are hard to focus on and so use in educational programs even in classroom on live lecture.

Business model hypothesis:

  1. Case-study publishers (fee per case-study purshare)
  2. Subscription model for universities
  3. Freemium for students (fee for some particular options)

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posted an update

We'd like to express our gratitude to all 24 mentors who have helped us to validate the concept during the Hack, especially to Hugo Ferreira, Associate Professor at the University of Lisbon for helping us to open a new domain and show the huge opportunity to launch this product in Medicine for interactive case-study in clinical cases. Before, we were focusing only on the business, management, finance, marketing, technical, architectures, and law domains. With this advice, we will be able also to include medical students, which is the priority now.

Looking forward to making it real!

If you have any question — pls contact us

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