As Waterloo residents and students, our team is very familiar with the tedious tasks of both finding temporary housing and subletters. Currently, the most commonly used platforms for connecting these two groups are Facebook, Kijiji, and internal university networks.

These platforms are not catered to provide this specific service and as such there are many drawbacks. For example, while Facebook posts are wide reaching, they are often lost in long feeds. Not having a well defined structure makes it difficult and inconvenient for individuals to find sublets that meet specific criteria such as gender exclusivity and utility inclusion.

Our solution to this long standing and pressing problem is Casa. The name is derived from the Spanish word for 'home' and a common saying, 'mi casa es su casa', translates to 'my house is your house'.

The platform has two primary objectives:

  1. Provide its users with a resource where all available sublets can be housed in a single database;
  2. Offer an intuitive and efficient method of querying on preferences.
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