CarWave was inspired by ESA Patent US201461139. We wanted to apply the algorithm to real world applications of time series data beyond just satellite status information.

What it does

Our platform tracks car telemetry information via an EDR. That data is compressed and stored in a super small database (for the amount of data it holds). That data is also streamed live to a dashboard that quickly decompresses and graphs it. This is all done live with little lag.

How we built it

The dashboard is written in React with the Highcharts module for graphing. A node.js server accepts sent data and handles database operations. We also built a mobile car simulator that allows manipulation of telemetry data in place of an EDR.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a public example of usage of the ESA algorithm. We had to read through the patent information and sort out the bit operations that needed to occur in order for compression and decompression to occur.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to work together to learn about a new topic that none of us have ever explored before. (compression)

What we learned

We learned that simple bit operations are what is at the core of even the most complex compression algorithms.

What's next for CarWave

Primarily, we hope to build a more realistic demo using a real EDR and car. In the future we would love to bring the product to market and present it to some of the many companies that could make good use of it.

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