As a current graduate student, we know how difficult it can be for prospective graduate students to work on application. In graduate school, the most important thing is to find a research area that you (are interested in of course) want to work on and the adviser you want to work with in the next five or six years. But it's not easy for students to search an area for multiple schools or multiple professors.

What it does

We downloaded the pdf file from arxiv and organized the topics, authors, locations of the institute, etc., and put these information in one platform, we called it Cartographer. Cartographer simply means that we take the location of the institutes from papers and map it on google map to show that where are the searched research areas at. To get further, we also can add features like the information of authors/professors from the papers/institutes by simply clicking on the map.

How we built it

We downloaded the pdf files from arxiv by using html, build the platform from python and basically used PyPDF2 to extract information from PDF files.

Challenges we ran into

We found out that this task is very challenging because each paper has different format, so it's pretty hard to have a standard way to get information from any PDF files. We have to figure out some way to solve this issue in the future.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are very proud of that we could come out this idea because if we can really make this happen, this would save a lot of time for college graduated students who seek graduate school to apply.

What we learned

We learned how to work on python with google map, and how to extract information from PDF. This basically makes us a master of string splitting, merging, etc.

What's next for Cartographer

So the next for Cartographer would be:

  1. fix the format issue, we need an ideal algorithm to take care of every single PDF file.

  2. we will add more features such like, GRE score, TOEFL score and GPA that the schools require.

  3. add the school location average life expense, housing options and prices, to help students to find a great place to live.

  4. add the entertainment/social life around campus such as restaurant, bars, etc.

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