This year many things that we once took for granted have become a lot less accessible; for some people more than others. We saw this issue that disproportionately affected immunocompromised individuals and aimed to create a community-wide volunteer based initiative to connect those less amplified voices. When it becomes dangerous for you to enter a grocery store, all you need is a partner willing to grab a shopping cart for you :)

Cartner removes the risk for those that can’t afford it by allowing volunteers that were already on their way to the store pick up food and supplies from your list too! It starts with registering your device and filling out a COVID questionnaire.

What it does

To add ingredients, the users can either enter it directly through the app, or use our custom chrome extension. If you’re browsing and see a recipe you want to make, just click one button and it automatically adds the ingredients for that recipe to your list. Have most of the ingredients? You can type them individually too. All this information is secured in a Firebase realtime database. Our user authentication process allows you to sign in from any device as long as you have the extension on it.

Once a Cartner sees your list, they can accept it and see all the items. As they go, they can check off what they’ve gotten off your list. Once they checkout and verify the cost, cartner connects to the stripe payments systems and firebase firestore where payment info is easily logged for future use. Users can add a pre-paid amount to cover the bill of items. They can then drop it off at your doorstep, with minimal contact required.

How we built it

Cartner is built on firebase, the chrome extension is built in javaScript and the app in Java using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment, Working with firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The two apps!

What we learned


What's next for Cartner


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