We realized that visualizing math is hard and there exists potential for VR based apps to help improve the whole learning experience.

What it does

It helps students visualize math equations in 3D which is vital for understanding concepts in Coordinate Geometry and Vector Algebra

How we built it

WE have 2 fronts for this projects:

  1. An iOS app which lets you draw or type your equations/coordinates into the app and with a click of button, these are visualized in the VR world.

  2. A VR app that can be used with Samsung Gear VR to visualize the equations and coordinates entered through the iOS app.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Huge Learning curve with Unity3D.
  2. No compatible hardware with GearVR
  3. Had to develop apps for Google Cardboard which would be used with Gear VR.
  4. Learnt c# in two days.
  5. Learn Objective C in a day( because we were more comfortable with Swift, but the Myscript package need to be interfaced via Objective-C.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We feel that we have built an end to end EdTech app in 36 hours.
  2. We feel that this would be a good opportunity for students to appreciate Math and get rid of their Mathphobia

What we learned

  1. Lots of new technologies

What's next for CartesianVR

  1. We plan to extend the array of products to different subjects in our very own startup venture. Wanna invest?
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