⊱ Inspiration ⊰

According to Dictionary.com, carte blanche means “unconditional authority; full discretionary power”. All CEOs have some form of carte blanche, which can be extremely overwhelming, leading to disorganization, inefficiency, and overall stress and tension within a company.

So, we wanted to create a tool to help alleviate this overload. After lots of consultation, we realized that one thing almost every CEO has in common is employees, and all employees have some sort of job or role within a company.

A common problem many companies have is that they miss deadlines and end up pushing back meetings, updates, product launches, etc. Why is this? It is caused by many factors, but more often than not it is because employees fall behind on the work that needs to be completed and/or are overloaded by other projects from their managers. Our tool helps bosses see where everyone is at so that they can refrain from giving new projects when employees have too much, reprioritize where needed, and offer encouragement to those who are behind.

⊱ What it does ⊰

Carte Blanche currently has one sole concept, which is being able to easily view employees and their progress. This is so that C.E.O.s can see who is behind, on track, or ahead on different projects. You can add different employees and adjust their progress on tasks as needed.

Why is this useful?

  • Promotions or firings! It can be very useful for a boss to see who is consistently ahead or behind.
  • On the same note but to a less extreme degree, it can also help bosses see what an employee's strengths are (as in, what types of projects they tend to be ahead in versus behind in) so that employees can be placed in areas where they excel.
  • Prioritizing projects! If a project is ahead and something urgent comes up, a boss will be able to reorganize and reprioritize to ensure maximum efficiency.

⊱ How we built it ⊰

We did a lot of research into what makes an application look and feel “expensive” versus “cheap”. Taking this research into account, our lead designer created a blueprint for each of the webpages which the rest of the team then implemented using Glitch, Reach, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

⊱ Challenges we ran into ⊰

We are all in university and were completely bombarded with assignments this weekend, so a huge challenge we ran into was managing our time for assignments with our time to complete the hackathon.

⊱ Accomplishments that we're proud of ⊰

We're really proud that we actually completed the project! We were nervous because we had so much going on and thought we wouldn’t finish anything, but we’re proud that we were able to get this done.

⊱ What we learned ⊰

  • We learned how to design a webpage with very limited time
  • We gained great communication skills, especially since we all had to work together closely in a very tight timeframe

⊱ What's next for Carte Blanche ⊰

We’re excited for the future of Carte Blanche. Some main features we’d like to add are:

  • A working login page
  • Editing and removing of employees
  • A notification system of upcoming deadlines
  • Subtasks under larger tasks

For any investors interested in this project, here are the features that could be implemented that would make you money:

  • Pay-per-employee after a specific amount of employees are added
  • Pay-per-project after a specific amount of projects are added to an employee
  • A monthly or yearly subscription service to use Carte Blanche to unlock all features

Thank you for reviewing our project!

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