Amplify is the immune system of the IoT ecosystem.Similar to what white blood cells do in a human body, Amplify tries to immediately resolve any issue that occurs in the IoT system, and involve Tech support only if needed. Amplify improves the IoT user experience in regards to support and reliability.

What it does

Unified IoT management system, powered by an AI based troubleshooting tools.

How I built it

We built a front end web-app with a backend framework (PoC model) for the possible implementation.

Challenges I ran into

Compatibility between the devices that can connect. Making sure that the solution adds significant value to the user. Not enough data to train the PoC model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A multi-disciplinary team that came up with an innovative and feasible solution that boosts the user experience and empowers the service provider.

What I learned

We found that the Rogers front store do not have enough tech-savvy people to resolve the issues for customers that choose to go in store. We learned that there's confusion between the information from the tech support team and the information from the front store.

What's next for Carte Blanche

Training our data model by obtaining valid logs from Rogers IoT devices. Completing the full PoC.


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