We all spend significant time in our car, we use it for daily commute and errands or go trips. It is part of our life, and much beyond being just a possession.

So what is the thing missing in our experience with cars?

Conversation, it is what makes the experience go beyond just a possession and becomes personal.

Why did I think about i? I just installed new tires on my car and the dealer told me that the next rotation is at 73,000 miles. I thought of adding it to my calendar, but realized how will the calendar know how much mile has my car travelled. Then I thought it would be wonder for the car to listen to me and set the appointment itself for 73,000 miles

Imagine doing your daily boring commute, and you need to talk to someone. Why not the car?

Instead of looking into a calendar for your next service appointment, why can you not ask your car Hey "Car", how is it going? It will then reply - Am doing good but looking forward to my next service due next week Looks like am been consuming too much gasoline these days can you get my tire pressure checked when you get some time? My tire rotation is due in two weeks If your car is being driven by your kid, when you are home you can ask Hey "Car", how fast are you going? Then it says - I did touch 80mph few times, and some of the turns where scary Where are you now? Hey "Car", how much did I spend on fuel last month - You travelled over 280 miles, with average consumption of around 38 mpg. So spent $28 last month

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