Over a year ago, I set out on a journey to buy a new car. The process was tedious: I had to sort through hundreds of CarGuru listings and find cars that matched ideal price and mileage range, as well as be a make and model that had good reviews.

Enter UIPath: an automation tool that simplifies almost every task.

What it does

CarSort is a UIPath automation tool that simplifies the process of sorting through CarGuru listings. Simply enter details in a CSV file for a car's make, model, your zip code, and price range. Our automation tool will sort through these listings and automatically parse through this data, sorting it neatly for convenience.

What I learned / Challenges

Working with web scraping was difficult, as CarGuru's website had unique elements that I had to figure out how to work around. I learned how to use UIPath and easily automate monotonous/tedious tasks.

What's next for CarSort

A simple extension: for each listing that's selected, send an automated email to the dealer to setup a time to take the car for a test drive & indicate interest.

Built With

  • automation
  • flowchart
  • scraping
  • uipath
  • vb
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