Have you ever driven with a friend agreeing to split the cost but you never got the money back? Or if you have, did you have that awkward conversation about money, etc? We did. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have a seamless experience like Uber where, at the end, the cost of the trip is automatically split among the people in the car? On top of that think how convenient is using the carpool lane in your commute to work while contributing to the reduction of traffic.

What it does

  • Find friends/colleagues that you can share compatible routes with on your regular rides.
  • Ensure that you are driving with a responsible driver (Vinli provides a driver score, max speed, and number of previous collisions that can be used to make an informed decision)
  • Use proximity detection to recognize when the ride start and end (a future feature will use the bluetooth detection to find the addresses of the people in the car)
  • Enjoy the comfort of seamless payments based on the gas consumed (Vinli provide that) without having to do calculations or ask for money.

What's next for CarShare Club

Tighten things up, smoothing flows, and adding the needed details to make it really a frictionless experience for both drivers and passengers that use the CarShare Club

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