The pandemic shows the shortcomings of business continuity planning of many organisations.

  • Organisations have very little capacity to keep their business impact analysis up-to-date. The common practice is to review it once a year as a tick box exercise.
  • The world is changing at a faster pace than ever: pandemic, unsettling because of political environments and natural disasters.
  • Organisations want to wait for official guidance (e.g. from the Governments, WHO, etc.). However, they may not come in-time or fit the situation.
  • There's too much information on the web. Businesses don’t know how to translate it to policies and measures to suit the organisation. They also have little clue about the effects of the changes they want to make.
  • Small businesses don't have dedicated teams to perform business continuity planning.

Purpose & Motivation

The Founding team of CarryOn is driven by the vision of making people's lives better by technologies. We would like to help organisations plan ahead and be proactive about business impacts. This would enable more people to benefit from better work arrangements.

How this application works

CarryOn is a tool to enable proactive and dynamic business impact analysis using collective intelligence.

It is comprised of two parts: One-the-Move and Web.

The On-the-Move part allows users to spend 2 minutes a day on some latest trends and insight summary suggested by CarryOn based on the relevance to the organisation and their job functions. Users swipe to indicate their views on whether the subject matter would impact different areas of their role responsibilities. The user inputs are collected across the organisation to form holistic views of potential opportunities and threats.

The Web part shows more insights from a wide range of sources (social media, news, government/official guidance). Users can see insights, threat mitigation measures, lessons learnt shared by other organisations and contribute to the community in return. Draft policies can be imported and saved alongside other shortlisted insights and learning. Users can adapt this collective intelligence to suit the context of the organisation and apply them in a predictive model to understand the impacts to different areas of the business.

How this application was developed

We used Adobe XD to prototype.

How to use this application

On a smart portable device and computer.

Difficulties & Challenges you faced

We only had 3 days to develop the prototype and validate the market size.

Go-to-Market Evaluation (How will this product be made scalable and accessible to the public?)

We will form partnership with Startup Accelerators and Venture Capital to provide CarryOn to the startups for free. We have industry contacts that run businesses with very complex operations / supply chain. They are another target group.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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