Our project connects veterans who have endured military sexual trauma with other survivors. Carry On offers a chatbot service, forum posting, an alerting system, and real time chat to connect people and give links to services that can help veterans navigate how to report an assault, get help, and learn about their symptoms. This information is presented as an alternative to the current offerings given by the Department of Defense for those survivors that are worried about reporting into a system that they might have had a bad experience with. Anonymity is key for many survivors of sexual trauma. Nothing in our app is stored and no personal information is gathered, allowing users to be free of any fear of their stories getting out. Our app works on smartphones and desktop computers, which allows users the flexibility of device of choice.

Link to working prototype:

Link to Github repository:

3 minute presentation video (with demo):


Target user market:

User Persona - Jane photo Jane_Persona_zpsadkps6s3.png

Possible stakeholders:

  • U.S Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Psychiatric Doctors
  • Military Sexual Trauma Advocacy Organizations
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Women Support Groups
  • Legal Aid Offices
  • Housing & Urban Development

Marketing Plan

To create awareness of the tools that were put together in this project and grown the number of users, especially veterans, we plan to:

  • Reach out to veteran communities and support group who assist veterans with MST such as Wounded Warrior Project, National Women Veterans of America, Warrior Groups - PTSD Foundation of America, PTSD Anonymous, etc
  • Have an active social media presence in Twitter and/or Facebook and manage it with Buffer
  • Create a blog section on the website
  • Improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website to improve page ranking
  • Reach out to veteran organizations and news organizations that have been focusing on the military nude photo scandal and connect on the importance of supporting women and men who have sexual violence committed against them

Milestones for Development

Milestones for Development photo Milestones for Dev_zpsodc1xmaj.png

Required tech, content, and legal resources

  • In order to meet our milestones, we require hosting space, increased subject matter expertise for MST, content management interns, and minimal funding.
  • Testers will be needed to try out new features to make sure that the solution is working properly. As new requirements are gathered from the subject matter experts, there will have to be communication between the survivors and the technical resources to guarantee that the needs are being met.
  • Encryption will be necessary to make sure that the information shared in the app is secured.
  • As we look to improve the app, it may become necessary to pay for hosting services as the requirements of the app grows. This will require funding. Additionally, funding may become necessary for advertising services to secure the user base we want to have using the app.
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