Everyday my parents need to commute 120 miles to their jobs and back. To make this easier for themselves they carpool; in a perfect world their carpools would be entirely fair with everyone driving an equal amount, but the world isn't perfect. More times than not a member of the carpool might not be able to drive on a day that he or she was supposed to. If this happens multiple times the end result is someone not driving as much and someone driving a lot more. The core of this app is the carpool picking algorithm. The algorithm was developed by IBM 20 years ago to be able to factor in how much each person has driven and even if someone has driven less or more after some time the algorithm will even it out. This app is for the every day commuter. Its job is to offer a no hassle way to pick people in carpools with fairness being assured. In America alone there are 30 million people who carpool everyday, our app makes their lives easier and, by providing an objective and easy to use algorithm, encourages more people to carpool

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