We, as daily commuters, and knowing a lot of commuters that travel on a daily basis to UTD find it a hassle to find a commute. Either be it a bus or taking an Uber, the waiting time and price play a major role in their daily lives. When we saw the section dedicated to finding carpooling on Slack (#find-carpool), we decided this was it. We will create a carpool application that the university students can rely on to find their daily commute in a convenient way.

What it does

Carpool is an application that, once registered, will match with other commuters traveling to the same location. The user, either driver or commuter, could then chat with any of the other commuters to set up their way of commute.

How we built it

We developed the application using Java (Android Studio). The UI of the application was designed in a matter of an hour. We created an authentication page, a location/destination page and finally a matched student page. Additionally, we created a chat feature,

Challenges we ran into

The Google Autocomplete feature was new to us, so it took a while to understand and implement it. Secondly, the chat feature of the project and matching each user who goes to the same destination was very difficult and took the most amount of time for us to create.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing an application that will help university students commute to their destinations in a more convenient way.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Google Autocomplete feature (for Android) and learned a lot about the RelativeLayout, RecyclerView Adapters that will help make it simpler for the views across any screen size.

What's next for Carpool

We have a lot planned for the future of Carpool. First off, we will be adding an extra layer of security by allowing students to accept chat requests and verify university email. We will also create a group commute feature for students that want to commute as a larger group. Additionally, we will be adding a feature for students that are interested in a nearby event.

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