Environmental issues arising from increasing carbon emissions in recent years has prompted the development of more eco-friendly methods. This includes reducing the CO2 emissions from cars, and reducing the use of cars in general. In order to accomplish this, we designed a program that can help people carpool, saving the amount of carbon emitted into the environment annually, and also reduce the amount of stress on parents.

How it works

Our web application is designed to help people (mostly parents with children) find rides when they need it. A sign-in/sign-up tool is used to give users authentication.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into several issues during our project. Firstly, Mysql database management was very messy, and we had to search up ample sample code before we were able to get much of it to work. Also, we ran into issues dealing with the css. We used the bootstrap framework, and it was hard to alter the various navbar values because there were so many attributes . Finally, the google api took some time to learn. We also had to interpret the json response that google gave us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although we were not able to accomplish all of our goals, we did complete the majority of our project, and were able to successfully add on extra features that we originally did not plan for.

What I learned

Coding is hard. Trial and error is the only way to solve our issues, but we learned several efficient debugging techniques that assisted our coding throughout the way. We also reinforced many code concepts that we briefly learned before the competition. Overall, we really enjoyed this event, and would love to participate in another hackathon soon.

What's next for Carpool Pro

We are planning to expand mobile as well as add more peronsonlization features. Also, we will introduce a friend system that will prevent potentially dangerous strangers from participting in our project.

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