Inspiration - Having no car and having a long commute are both struggles of many college students and the lucky few who have cars have expensive tolls/gas/parking fares they must pay on a weekly basis, our goal is to reduce that and it starts with us!

What it does - It connects students to other student drivers who are traveling to the same from the same location to the same destination (school). Drivers like it because they pay less for travel and make friends along the way and Students like it because their commute time is potentially cut in half.

How I built it - using coding language ReactNative and Firebase we developed an app for mobile devices.

Challenges I ran into - mainly developing the messaging systems and overall the limited amount of time to add more. We had to put ourselves in the user's shoes deciding whether or not they'd like certain features like the emergency system and 5-star reviews.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - being apart of a team with other likeminded individuals with the same goals. This is a problem our team faces and there's not a lot in place that helps students afford their travel to school. Uber is expensive and the train is long, etc. Our job is to take action.

What I learned - User data and experience is the ONLY way to gain insight on how to make this product better. We learned that there's more to just making an app, we are creating an experience. Students should be able to go to school without worrying about going broke just getting there.

What's next for Carpool - Funding. We believe in our vision to scale Carpool into a startup and be able to provide value to each student that signs up. It's going to take a lot more manpower than we currently have but we are up to the challenge.

Thank you.

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