Nowadays, social tensions are growing faster than ever, and environmental problems are causing more and more attention. We want to make a game that illustrates the subtle dynamics among different stakeholders in this complicated time. Players will have to maintain a balance between these interest groups and learn about the pros and cons of their actions. We hope that by playing this game, Carplet, our players could develop a multi-angle when analyzing problems.

What it does

In Carplet, the player becomes the mayor of a city. He/She will be constantly facing various crises, ranging from environmental disasters to social unrest. The player needs to make decisions accordingly. Every decision the player makes affects different stakeholders differently. The player is expected to make decisions with careful consideration in mind since if one party gets really annoyed, the player's journey as a mayor would come to an end.

How we built it

For the coding part, we used python(pygame) and json. For the music part, we used Ableton live.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, non of our team has used pygame to build things before. So we had to constantly refer to tutorials/documentation as we go along. There are some functionalities we need but pygame lacks, such as object animation, take us a long time to write out. Second, since we are frequently changing our json file, we need to be constantly modifying our API. Besides, thinking of different events can be a bit of a headache. Since we need "sequences of events" under specific themes, we need to create a complete context for each story.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We write 99% of the codes by ourselves. We write 100% of the music (sound effect/background music) by ourselves.

What we learned

We learned how to write games using pygame. We learned how to better utilize/adjust APIs based on different needs/demands. We learned how to integrate codes from different teammates and make them runnable.

What's next for Carplet

We first need to enrich our events library to make the game more fun to play. We also want to clone this game and deploy it to different platforms using Flutter. We can also send out the game to more players and gather their feedback so that we can make numerical adjustments.

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