NFTs are the future for metaverse and game DLC. Take your NTF collection with you to the Carpincho Platform and play the games using your already bought skins and other DLCs.

What it does

Simplifies the integration of Solana Programs and NFTs to a web game Engine. Developers can concentrate on create games and Carpincho Platform will provide all the interfaces to connect gamers NFT to their games.

How we built it

Metaplex JS provides all the tools as Market and wallet management to acquire and interact with the NFTs. We added a new menu for CARPINCHO platform as a demo and connected to Three.JS (an open JS 3D library) . With Blender we created a simple scene to mock a game and then export it to OBJ. The scene is loaded into the new screen and at the same time you can see all your NFTs, specially those in 3D (GLB file).

Challenges we ran into

Load the metadata from the NFT was a challenge but Metaplex has all the libraries and finally you will get the JSON with the right URL. Also combine different JS Frameworks and Three.js was complicated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The WHOLE workflow! You can create your art, turn it into a 3d NFT and sell it. After a gamer can check the market buy it and go the Carpincho's Platform and start using the new acquired NFT/3D art / DLC .

What we learned

Solana's Wallet, Programs, NFT creation, management, Metaplex.

What's next for CarpinchoGameEngine

More development into the platform to turn it into an actual Game Engine with online IDE, resource management, licensing, etc.

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