Have you ever spent hours browsing shops for a laptop or a desktop that is right for you and wondering if that one is better than the other?

Yeah, neither did we. But we know that there are people who don't and who are overwhelmed by all the giga-somethings they need to decide on when using popular web stores like Currys, PC World, Amazon etc. So they go and google some articles for some recommendations and go back to their store and hope that this low price laptop that was recommended on some website can be found in their favourite store. Rinse, repeat. Or worse, they bother us to find a laptop for them! Well, no more.

Introducing the Shopping Assistant

We developed a concept application for the needs of Currys/PC World and basing on their database of products. Our idea is to ask a shopper to answer some questions and basing on them, search the database and find the right device(s) for them!

Jakub Kowalczyk - MEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering | 4th Year

Aw Young Qingzhuo - BSc Computer Science | 1st Year

Wei Ting Goh - BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science | 2nd Year

Daniel Man - BSc Computer Science | 1st Year

Wilhelm Zhao - BSc Computer Science | 1st Year

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