Goast gear, is bad for the environment and bad for fishermen. We feel that we can help solve this problem by creating a tracking application for fishing gear. Our application can track lost gear as well as track placed gear such as lobster traps and crab pots.

What it does

Allows the tracking and reporting of fishing gear locations using a location aware web application on mobile and laptop computers. TRAPR allows the user to see tracked gear on the map. Tracked gear is associated with the owner or the person reporting it.

Challenges we ran into

Having the infrastructure to collaborate is crucial, a lot of time can be wasted resolving connectivity issues. Choosing a application stack that fits the problem and the people can be more challenging than one might think.

What we learned

We learned that getting a group of people in the same room can create a very dynamic environment.

What's next for TRAPR:

We feel this is a very useful concept, and can be applied to similar problems.

Source Code

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