Market leading dash cam with eco-driving support as well as notification via Gear 2 & Gear S!

You can experience all the advantages of wearable devices on your wrist such as:

  • Check all the real-time eco-driving notifications on your wrist via vibration and sound
  • Start recording emergency video by just pressing button on Gear
  • Check trip summary after you finish your drive on your wrist immediately
  • A dedicated remote & display on your wrist with or without mounting your phone to a holder

A total package of functions for smart drivers

  • A fully integrated app with video dashcam, eco-driving guide as well as car monitoring & diagnostics with an optional OBD-II dongle.
  • Enable/disable video dashcam and car monitoring independently
  • Auto launch and termination options by using GPS, Bluetooth, or OBD-II dongle
  • Separate setting of units such as distance, temperature, volume, weight, etc.

Eco-driving guide & driving log (GPS or OBD-II if applicable)

  • Harsh acceleration/braking alert as well as idling and overspeed driving
  • Eco speed and constant speed driving indication
  • Fuel cut state only if using an OBD-II dongle
  • More detailed trip information
  • Life-time cumulative trip record

Video Dashcam

  • 640x480, 720x480 and 1280x720 resolution support for all capable devices (File Recording Mode)
  • Full HD (1920x1080) resolution support for smartphones with HD display (File Recording Mode)
  • Continuous recording mode support on Android devices with v4.1 or higher OS
  • SMI formatted trip data
  • 180 degree reverse landscape mode support
  • Focus and exposure control
  • Automatic and manual detection of emergency event as well as recording event video files
  • Wider range of event detection sensitivity as well as disable event detection
  • Emergency call/SMS and video share on YouTube

Car Monitoring & Diagnostics with an ELM327 compatible OBD-II dongles

  • Detailed information page with digital meter array format
  • low battery voltage, high coolant temperature and malfunction indication function
  • stable and faster Bluetooth communication

If you have any problems or difficulties to use this app, please contact us by e-mail (

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