Every year, dining halls make thousands of dollars off of unused meal plans at the end of each semester. On the other hand, many students run out of their meal plan or choose not to purchase one. Carolina Swipe helps fill the gap for both of these people by helping connect sellers with extra/unused meal plans to buyers in need of cheap meal swipes.

What it does

Buyers and Sellers create their personal account on our web platform using an email address. Using the platform, sellers can list the various types of meal plans (regular or plus), number of swipes they want to sell, and where they want to sell them, and for what price. Buyers are presented with a real time table of all of the available listings with powerful search and filter criteria to find them the best price and more. Once, a buyer has confirmed a sale, they can talk directly with the seller using our custom web platform chat, so that they can coordinate with them to get swiped in the dining hall for the mutual benefit of both parties. (Sellers get to sell their unused/unwanted meal swipes to buyers who either ran out of swipes or wish to enter campus dining for reduced prices).

How we built it

Used the responsive Material Design Light component library to create a beautiful and intuitive user experience, used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to program much of the app, and used Firebase to host and power the realtime database and user authentication of our app.

Challenges we ran into

The Material Design Light component library was often difficult to customize.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire look and feel of the app looks professional and is some of our best work. We're especially proud of the entire chat functionality that we built for users to communicate with each other on our platform.

What we learned

Cloud Firestore and how to properly delegate and accomplish tasks to complete such a large project.

What's next for Carolina Swipe

Native Mobile Apps to increase our user base.

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