Never being able to win carnival games has always been a very sad experience, however the enjoyment of the people ruining....running the games was something we wanted to experience ourselves

What it does

Duck Hunt carnival game that is rigged to make sure you never win. The duck moves away from you based on your movement of the gun.

How we built it

Using arduinos, several motion sensors, a ClearCOre microprocessor, as well as a nerf gun

Challenges we ran into

Several of the parts that were receiving data broke along the way. Fitting parts together was difficult at first. IR was originally going to be used for the gun reciever and sender, however due to distance constraints could not be implemented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having the gun sensors and information from the gun fully functional

What we learned

Always ensure that the hardware used can support weight. If not, reinforce it beforehand

What's next for Carnival Duck Hunt Game

Perhaps a local carnival... next the world.

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