During freshmen year of college, we are bombarded with events that gives ambitious students anxiety. Which club do we join? Where do I find clubs that align with my interests? From Muggle Quidditch, Buggy, to the Environmental Club, there is a place to collectively home in our passion with other Tartans.

What it does

We parse all official CMU calendars and club calendars to find all events on this campus. We also parse the emails in order find unlisted events. We package these calendars into a Calendar file that can be instantly added onto your phone.

How we built it

The front end is written in a flask framework with a python backend. We scrape emails using the GMAIL API library as well as the requests library to scrape through different websites from CMU to gather all the events help at CMU. We then use Regular Expressions to parse through the data and find keywords to match the user with different events on campus.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were the integration of the back end and front end. Accessing large amounts of data. Efficiently matching results to consumer’s needs.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Creating a better user interface on a better platform. This creates a more interactive experience for college students (especially younger students) to find like-minded passionate individuals.

What we Learned

We learned how to use new API technologies in order to host our front end. Learning new data processing methods such as clustering and classifying emails. Another challenge we overcame was dealing with different events that involve different terms. Some emails used months or abbreviations, while some simply listed a day later in the week.

What’s next for Carnegie Calendar

Expanding Carnegie Calendar to all universities. This can be a very useful tool for incoming freshmen as well as current students who are looking to interact with a new atmosphere.

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