We were inspired by one of the sample prompts, but we decided to take a slightly different direction with our project.

Emojify has an interface that allows the user to enter a string and a desired number of emojis. Javascript and Python code identifies relevant emojis using a list of emojis and their associated hot words and then appends those emojis to the end of the input string.

Dealing with the character encodings of the emojis and getting the browser to render the emojis was challenging.

We managed to get this web app fully functional in Safari.

I'd never worked with Javascript before, so that was a new experience for me.

This early version of Emojify doesn't have many functions, but I could see a later version of this project being integrated into the web browser as an extension or into the operating system of a mobile device. Later versions of this project could also learn users' habits in order to better match emojis to their text messages and emails.

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