Inspiration TO

We wanted a website that would be a catch-all for an Immigrant's experience in the US -- everything from food to shopping to housing etc. As we brainstormed, we noticed a lot of resources already exist for a smooth immigrant experience, but access to those resources can require multiple steps or certain knowledge (like where to look for information or the ability to speak english). From this, we determined our first objective to be unifying all basic resources into a language-compatible and convenient location. Branching off this idea, our team found common interest in the area of professional skill authentication.

What it does

We have built a website that provides information on eating, living, transportation, hospital in the immigrant's mother language. Then we also have a job searching system that is safe, reliable, low costs and convenient. We build this block chain system which is connected to a front end using Ethereum. Company, educational institution and candidates can hire people and search for job on this platform. With a rating system, HR will have a good idea want position this candidate was originally in his or her home country.

How we built it

We built the website using ..... Then for the block chain we use truffle to assist us. We wrote a smart contract that contains all the basic variables and functions.

Challenges we ran into

This field was absolutely new to us so we had to start from scratches. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out just the Ethereum. The Smart Contrast is very hard to write using Solidify, NodeJS and Truffle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we actually makes a block chains works!

What we learned

We learned about the concept of block chain and how to really implement it. Moreover, we also learned about the process of designing a product and to really implement it.

What's next for IPSA

Throughout our brainstorming, we also considered some of the following, which we might implement in the future:

  • Basic, one-click distress/response messages would make communicating with police, ER personnel, ect. more efficient and productive.
  • Information about where to shop, where housing is available, public transportation, where you can educate your children, etc is very available through google maps, but can be difficult to navigate if google maps is not already in your language. Implementing a preset language form of google maps through the kind of website we built would be simple.
  • There are many cultural parallels on the internet (like and that an immigrant might not be aware of. Collections of websites similar to ones they are familiar with might make integration into a new culture easier.
  • We having test our block chain on a huge user database, therefore, we still need to implement out rating system and improve the efficiency and functions of the block chain.
  • Trust is not easy. We still have a long way to convince people that block chain may be a reliable system to verify resume and improve job searching.
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