Traffic has become one of the most common problems that affects all kinds of people from students to daily workers. The number of cars has increased among the years. for ex In 2014 there were more than 1.2 billion cars on the road.  because of that, people became discomfort all the time thinking if they are late for work , for study ,appointments and for other things. However, this issue didn’t just affect the citizens but also the companies, even the big ones, in various ways. Here we have some statistics showing that companies lose a lot of money because of traffic congestion that has a negative impact on their business.


how it started

In the very beggining we thought about : « why should four people living in the same neighbourhood and working in the same place take four different vehicules while they could take only one ?? » CarLess comes to make it true !

final solution

           CarLess   is a multiplatform application that allows its users to be connected with potential journey partners 
          Who can share the same vehicule , it will create a group of people having the same distination in the same time to move together  
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