Love of hedgehogs and typing games (plus Carl the hedgehog memes)

What it does

Teaches, entertains The purpose of this typing game is mostly to entertain, with cute characters and fun graphics. This game also educates by improving typing skill, something we (the creators) were trying to improve on so that we can code faster. You also need to be accurate, or risk leaving your hedgehog friend down in the dumps

How we built it

Used python, pygame.

Challenges we ran into

Text was hard to set up, especially when we wanted it to stop after one mistake to allow the user time to correct it. The three parts of the text that was difficult was proper formatting to fit the box, recognizing typing mistakes, and recognizing when whole text was typed. After some quick lessons in wrapping text and learning how to turn the keys into an array, it was mostly smooth sailing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting over aforementioned text setbacks, and also finally submitting something to demo.

What we learned

So much about text. Learned how to separate parts of a game into functions, and how to use pycharm.

What's next for Carl's Typing Adventure

Part two: The Retypenator Reckoning

Built With

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