Our personal experience volunteering at seniors homes and with people living in assisted living conditions allowed us to see the magnitude of difference that one hour of volunteering by young and energetic individuals makes in the lives of people living under these conditions.

What it does

We are providing a unique platform for connecting high school and university students with seniors who have similar interest so that both parties can build meaningful connections, and increase morale.

How I built it

Backend: Python flask application server running on EC2 talking to a MongoDB database Frondend: Angular application hosted on S3 as a static deployment

Challenges I ran into

Lack of data for machine learning implementation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rest API hosted on Flask talking to MongoDB

What I learned

Went from backend developer to full stack in one day

What's next for Caring Companions

-Implement automatic match of volunteers with senior citizens and send emails to prospective volunteers on sign-up of prospective senior citizens -Implement portal for old age homes for signing up senior-citizens -Implement feedback and analytics dashboard for Volunteers and Old age homes to showcase metrics such as number of hours volunteered e.t.c -Use data for improving matching algorithm by adding methods such as match based on tags. -Take it live in Calgary

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