The problem

The diminishing budget for the NHS means doctor are being pushed closer and closer to their limits. 84% of junior doctors reported being dangerously tired on their drive home. It is estimated that these fatigue levels lead to many unneeded deaths, due to poor clinical decisions.

We are aiming to address this issue, whilst acknowledging that staff are already overwork and that the schedule system is very difficult to change.

The solution

Over the 24 hours we have developed the data collection module of the solution. Following the mass data collection success of SeaHeroQuest we decided that a game, played throughout a shift would be the best method for collecting fatigue data for healthcare professionals.

A two player web app combines reaction time tests with medical questions. The data from this is allocated to a user ID for the analysis process.

The large data set collected will be compared to healthcare failure records along with the time each user has been onshift. Pushing features through the app we can test how different interventions affect fatigue, such as timed caffeine consumption and napping.

From these we will be able to advise specific interventions for certain ward types to reduce fatigue and ultimately patient deaths.

This data collection app will be the key part of a mass, data driven, fatigue solution.

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