It is currently way too complicated to integrate building blocks from different manufacturers if they haven't agreed on a common language, protocol, byte order, etc.

What it does

It solves component discovery and integration across different vendors. This will make the web drag-n-drop

How we built it

on the first day, we integrated our own ONCE toolkit with Bluemix and Node-Red. We built sample components for -- a car -- with four speakers -- a generic infotainment display -- auto-discovery of new devices that are brought into the car (e.g. iPhone and temperature sensor) -- transfer of sensor data to the display of the car -- transmission of music streams from the iPhone to the car stereo -- using the iPhone to control the volume of the speakers.

Challenges we ran into

The infrastructure was not always up to the task of handling the access of 60 programmers to the cloud. Also, the given toolset was more complex than we had we had imagined. For newbies to Bluemix and Node-Red, this was eating into our time budget.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

to get all of this up and running with a really small team. Rüdiger was only available half of the time.

What we learned

we learned a lot about IBM's tools and also about IBMs engagement in the IoT space.

What's next for CarInA

integration with Watson for speech input and output (as of Saturday, 9:30 pm). A more polished user interface. A control panel which works on the iPhone

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