Inspiration Our project was inspired by the fact that most solutions out there simply did could not deal with the scale applications need in large cities. Cargo is specialized to overcome that and adapt to high density / high traffic areas.

What it does Cargo minimizes car inactivity, which we consider time spent not assisting a person that wants to attend their destination. Statistics regarding car inactivity can reach up to 50% in popular car pool and assist apps.

How I built it We used a Swift frontend on iOS devices that queried REST endpoints located on a JavaScript backend which we hosted on a lightweight server host known as

Challenges I ran into We ran into challenges of non-uniqueness given that there were so many applications out there whose functionality was relatively unknown. However, we did manage to identify a specialty that we strongly believe is unique to Cargo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I am proud of the work ethic my team and I were able to show over the last 24 hours (much better than our first hackathon)! It really shows that we are enjoying the process the more and more we are exposed to it.

What's next for Cargo Cargo will eventually have a neural network that expands on the uniqueness.

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