As an industry participant and technical team, we have seen the length and breadth of the trouble to connect to the different parties and to have a better way to communicate and allow the customers to concentrate on their core problem than spending time on integration. This concept is to avoid overheads and enable systems to connect and let people concentrate on what is more important.

What it does

Cargo Talk Assistant Cargo Talk will be an smart intelligent Bot which interacts with different systems using Traditional or One Record APIs using smart features such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) to provide meaningful information to customers

Cargo Services Registry A Platform or a Registry which customers, organizations and parties can come to identify and retrieve URLs and connect to the parties for information

How we built it

Java/ JEE Spring Boot Google Dialog flow

Common API/services for customers to connect Cargo Services Registry to manage API Details with security and service conversion logic NLP to convert inputs from Cargo Talk assistant to invoke APIs through CSR

Challenges we ran into

Challenges due to Work from home, where collaboration was difficult Service integration challenges with multiple Airlines

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A Centralized API platform for Industry participants
    • Able to Come up with working model
    • Sharing ideas and working together as a team

What we learned

  • New Technology
  • How industry and other organizations work and new ideas
  • How to collaborate during COVID and with work from home in a short time to deliver value. ## What's next for Cargo Text Assistant & Cargo Services Registry

Develop the Solution to have a UI for configuration and Customer Registration Streamline the Portal for easier access & configuration – Developer Portal Integrate existing APIs & provide Plugin for existing Messaging interfaces

Built With

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