Record keeping between government agencies, insurance providers, MRO's resellers etc are all in a disarry. Maintaining paper records, pushing paper between state agencies are all inconvenient facts of a vehicle ownership in America.

What it does

1.Provides selective disclosures

  1. Verifiable claims that are attested by appropriate parties
  2. Connectivity for Car's multimedia systems

How we built it

Using asset mantle and other RFC features

Challenges we ran into

Asset mantle's understanding still needs a lot more documentation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can help with that documentation and structure after having been deeply involved in creating this, using resources within the community and reference implementations in order to accomplish our end goal

What we learned

Abstracting application logic and the design of an NFT that the application is dependant on, cannot happen in isolation.

What's next for Carfaxx

1.Build a real application with UI/UX that's beyond the current shape and form.

  1. Conitued collaboration on internft to be an example use case of cross chain NFT.
  2. Aiding to improve in the design of the asset mantle to be more intuitive and scaling levels of complexity.

Built With

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