Faced with the health emergency linked to the coronavirus pandemic, several nations find themselves facing financial difficulties, and between everyday worries and the fight against the pandemic, ensuring the necessary funds for each need is a real problem. several questions. One of the members of our team noticed this need a long side with small businesses and different companies suffering to market their products with this current pandemic. That's how came the idea of an application for the world good that will collect donations from people by just watching advertisements of different companies’ products !

What it does

Carety is a mobile application that gives the user the chance to donate without spending money, How? Simply by watching several advertising videos for different products and services, in order of razing, and collecting funds to fight covid 19, these funds will appear to the user as objectives to achieve, like (Buying sterilizers and masks, building ventilator a maybe even hospitals). Our application provides the following functionalities:

  • The system must allow the user to register on the platform anonymously for follow-up.
  • The system must allow the user to view the advertisements of the various sponsors and products.
  • The system must allow the user to visualize the objectives to be achieved in order to fight the pandemic.
  • The system must allow the user to view an anonymous contribution ranking. (Ranking according to the number of views of publications).
  • The system must allow the user to win symbolic prizes.

How we built it

We were a team of 4 members in the hackathon, we worked together, we first set the idea and the functionalities then we divided the tasks between us, we worked with recent technologies. On one hand, for the backend of the application we had a member who worked with NodeJS framework : ExpressJS and MongoDB for the database, since it is an API we used postman to treat the different requests and to share request schemas, and for managing the database, we used Atlas MongoDB, a global cloud database service. On the other hand, tow members took charge of the frontend of the application by using for that Flutter. Regarding the design, our designer began by preparing the WireFrame to ensure a good UX. Then he worked on the UI of the interfaces using Material Design System. In parallel, and whenever he finished an interface, the work continued on the frontend of this interface. To collaborate between us we used GitHub, we deployed our work via Heroku using Auto Deploy method. Finally we submitted our work via a GitHub repository.

Challenges we ran into

Among the challenges we encountered there was the tools to use, especially for the frontend where we used Flutter, a technologie which we weren’t that comfortable with, but during the hackathon we learned new stuff about it and it was a nice experience as the final application was quite similar to the prototype. Also the validation of the functionalities of the idea where we were not all convinced about each other suggestions, so we spent more time in order to make the necessary modifications so that these ones become clear for the whole team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to develop our project throughout this short period of time, by learning new technologies in order to code the different functionalities of our application.

What we learned

We managed to develop and implement a usable application by a whole network, ensuring the synchronization between the Contributors and the different provided Ads and objectives. However, it should be noted that some of us did not have all the necessary tools, so during this hackathon we developed new skills like the "learning by doing" strategy. It was a very good experience.

What's next for Carety

We want to improve our project performances by using Docker to automate our DevOps and run our API very quickly and anywhere, develop a notification system and launch the application as soon as possible so that it can help in collecting funds to fight the current crisis and all the upcoming needs all over the world.


Signin functionality is made properly but we have just skipped it (We passed an existing account) so that we make it easier for you to use the full version of the application.

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