Third-world countries that are going to be impacted by CoViD-19 will likely suffer the most, I envisioned a listing platform that was quick to use and could connect people to services and supplies they need immediately, I began creating a structure for how Caretilt will work and I immediately got to work on creating it, I am launching in the U.S. and will branch out to other countries later down the line, I intend on making Caretilt easy to use and access--in order to get to the hard to reach places, I'll begin seeking volunteers and begin targeting areas where supplies are in disarray, Caretilt to will cater those countries and adding new languages will require a team and I'm the only one working on Caretilt at the moment.

How it works

Caretilt is a free to use public listing platform, users can immediately begin submitting ads donating their services and supplies or requesting supplies and services, the goal is to re-organize the distribution of supplies and services on the smallest scale and work up from there and prevent potential future cases of CoViD-19.

Caretilt is also fully-functional on a mobile device, the initial plan to create a mobile app alongside this submission was scraped and will be worked on in July. There's still work to be done and launch was early, but this Hackathon ends soon and I've been eager to participate in CovLab.

How I built it

I built the site using Wordpress, JS and PHP. I installed a theme and began editing and coding the modification requirements to meet a public listing platform.

Challenges I ran into

Ensuring a safe and reliable platform is key to the growth of Caretilt, I'm working on setting up a rating system so users can leave reviews on other profiles to ensure that the community takes part in some moderation.

I intend on adding more layers of verification, but right now I would like to gather more users in order to collect data to further improve Caretilt.

There is still much that needs to be done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Prior to launching I shared my website with an Open Source Medical Supplies Team and was invited to register Caretilt on their roster and someone has already begun donating face shields on Caretilt.

What I learned

Organizing supplies and services on any scale is heavy work and I can't do this on my own, I've learned that the problem at hand is larger than I initially thought and making an impact requires a collective effort.

Amassing support from the PPE Creators

Many volunteers across around the world are contributing to the CoViD-19 relief efforts by mass printing personal protective equipment mainly for medical personnel, the ongoing efforts are impressive with over 3.9M+ items produced and counting. The objective is to make the process of distribution quick and easy to anyone that needs these supplies, from household families that require PPE on a daily basis to workers on the front-line.

What's next for Caretilt

By mid-summer time I should have a mobile app released to accompany the website, but before then I'll continue improving Caretilt and begin seeking a team to collaborate with. I'll also begin reaching out to open source communities on Facebook as well as forming a marketing campaign to reach those who seek to donate and those who need supplies.

I'm also researching free meal distribution, I'd like to incorporate options for families and any hungry person to be able to find free meals in their area, right now food banks are operating on the knives edge of their limits due to the strained food processing facilities across the US, I believe no one should go hungry especially during this crisis.

Also making Caretilt a multi-language and international platform is one of the main objectives here, it's important to provide an open source community orientated platform for third-world countries where supplies aren't organized properly, this will hopefully be done in collaboration with larger corporations down the line, but before then it is up to the communities and individuals in those areas to be know what Caretilt is and how to use it to their full advantage.

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