The CoViD-19 pandemic has caused disarray in the distribution of supplies and resources, I pictured how third-world countries would be affected, I then immediately got to work on creating a plan and framework for a public listing platform, where if someone is need of supplies they can submit a listing publicly, that listing if unfulfilled by any users, will be forwarded to an Open Source Medical Supply community or anyone can publicly list their supplies or organization

The idea is to close the gap on the distribution of resources and supplies between those who need them and those wiling to donate their supplies.

Caretilt is currently launched in the US, I'm working on branching out to third-world countries, right now I'm in contact with some officials in Kenya and will work on getting Caretilt in the right hands.

What it does

Once a listing is submitted it is publicly available to users and non-users, non-users can contact the listing creator through a submission form on the listing page. Users can communicate safely on site via an AJAX messaging system as well. There is also a review system where users can leave feedback, it also as a rating system, to take some moderating off of every interaction. If a user suspects that something is wrong they are free to report a listing or user via a report abuse button.

Anyone can signup using their social media account with a SSO(Single Sign-On) or by filling a registration form, it is not mandatory to provide personal details.

There are two main categories: 'Donate' and 'Request' with their respective sub-categories being Medical Supplies & Personal Protective Equipment, users can select whether they'd like to list their supplies publicly or request supplies. There is also a third category for Urgent Requests which is handled according to the urgency of the listing contents.

How I built it

Caretilt is built on Wordpress using a directory theme, it's converted into a public listing platform with an AJAX messaging system and user system.

There's still quite a bit to be worked on the site but everything is fully-functional and I will be searching for a small team to work together with.

Caretilt is also fully-functional on a mobile device, the initial plan to create a mobile app alongside this submission was scrapped and will be worked on at a later time.

Challenges I ran into

Organizing the distribution of resources and supplies on any scale is an immense amount of work, I've learned that so far the community is essential and creating the platform is only half the battle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A rapid-deployment of a public listing platform that is fully functional, I'm proud that it is now fully functional and ready to use.

Also prior to launching Caretilt, I got in contact with the Open Source Medical Supplies community and was invited to list Caretilt on their roster.

Amassing support from the PPE community

Many volunteers across around the world are contributing to the CoViD-19 relief efforts by mass printing personal protective equipment mainly for medical personnel, the ongoing efforts are impressive with over 10M+ items produced and counting. The objective is to make the process of distribution quick and easy to anyone that needs these supplies, from household families that require PPE on a daily basis to workers on the front-line, but currently the scope is shifting to hospitals, first-responders, caretakers and medical personnel.

What I learned

Communities all around the world are working together to get this problem solved, the amount of groups and collaboration efforts I've witnessed has inspired me greatly, it's good to know that in a time of chaos people will collectively band together to find a solution.

Food Distribution

Incorporating food distribution into Caretilt can be done categorically as well, it is something that I have spent some time reaching during inception of the platform, but a food distribution scheme will integrate more smoothly into a mobile application accompanying the website.

What's next for Caretilt - Community Orientated Public Listing Platform

Caretilt will not only be used as a CoViD-19 resource & supply platform, but will be available for all urgent use in any scenario similar to the one that we're facing. It isn't just limited to this pandemic alone, but will be viable for as long as possible.

I currently am working on this by myself, with one person that is assisting me with social media presence, I would like to collaborate and grow a team in order to get things rolling.

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