The basic idea is to create a product that include GemSense and Samsung sensors embedded in Keter Products. The target population will be people with special needs their families and caregivers. (i.e. who have encountered traumatic brain injury (I.e. soldier injured in war, person with stroke, head injury) and are physically (i.e. parapalegic) and/or cognitively (i.e. expressive apasia) challenged.) The flow is: We create a product using Keter materials that includes the GemSense sensor and Samsung Sensors.(be creative!!!) We place the product either on or adjacent to a body part where the subject still has the capability for voluntary intentional movement (I.e. forehead, shoulder). A physical therapist or a caretaker or a significant other trains the subject to make a certain intentional movement with the body part that has the sensor, that will translate into an action. (I.e. nodding Head will send a text message to caretakers phone saying that the subject needs to go to the toilet, moving head to the right will turn on the air-conditioning, moving head to left will turn on a light or send message to smart watch that subject is hungry). In the apps screens, the therapist/caretaker will be able to program and correlate the movement with an action. Variations of the product will help promote accessibility and independence

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