Families coming from another country can have a hard time blending with the new environment. It can be a hard task at first, and it's important for families to stay together in that period of transition. However, some elderly refugees need assistance and can't be let totally alone. Also, putting them in retirement home as soon as they arrive is not ideal for their transition. Our project tempted to mix the best of both worlds, keeping the loved ones close to the family and keeping them in a safe environment.

What it does

CareSense monitor every movement in the house and display the result in an android app. Children can monitor their parents and make sure they didn't leave the house. They can also check if the person is in an area for an extensive period of time. The user can then act fast in a case of danger.

How We built it

We built it with the help of android studio and sensors. Sensors are connected to an arduino microcontroller. The microcontroller send signal to the app, and user can track movement with the data sent by the controller.

Challenges We ran into

Setting everything up was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We learned a lot during this 24 hours craziness. It was our first time developing an app with android-studio. It was a hard, but fun challenge! We are proud of our first app.

What we learned

Android app and how to create an efficient app.

What's next for CareSense

A lot of features can be added to CareSense. Sensor can be implemented to detect the CO2 inside the house. This could be an amazing addition to our project.

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