CareRing is an innovative smart assistant for medical offices provided as a chatbot for Glip. It integrates Ring Central technology including Contacts Directory, Fax and SMS.

Our CareRing smart assistant helps medical staff quickly and efficiently process workflow activities including orders for labs, referrals to specialists and requests for physical therapy.

This novel solution provides a big impact by improving both efficiency and speed of communication for a better patient and family caregiver experience.


CareRing was based on the experience of helping an elderly family member with multiple doctors and appointments navigate the healthcare system.

We would arrive at a therapist or other specialist’s office to learn that the office never received the treating doctor’s order for the requested care. This resulted in delays and sometimes rescheduling the appointment for another day. Rescheduling is extremely difficult for both the family caregiver who may have to take time off from work and the patient who has other appointments.

This happened so often we knew it was a problem that needed to be solved in order to improve both medical office efficiency and the patient experience.


The medical staff receives an order from the physician requesting therapy, lab work or referral to a specialist for the patient.

The staff member opens the chat to process the order.

The chatbot asks questions about the patient, the order and the outside healthcare provider.

The order is completed and a fax summary text is provided to staff.

The fax is sent.

Staff receives a copy of the fax.

An SMS is sent to the patient confirming the request for physical therapy.

Staff receives a copy of the SMS.

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