COVID-19 has been on a rampage all across the globe since the past 5 months. From less than a million cases in February, and currently having more than 10 million cases across the globe. This has caused widespread panic and disorder. This panic is interfering with not only the functioning of already established medical structure, but also allocation of resources which can cost someone's life.

What it does

With increasing reach of technology, relevant information can be extracted from concerned authorities. This information can be used in resource allocation to balance load on various authorities. Providing information can keep people informed about the current scenario and have a calming effect. CareQuest aims to bring order to the chaos caused by COVID-19. To do so, CareQuest services extracts information from its custom network of registered hospitals and government sources which is used in resource allocation and service recommendation with the aim of load balancing.

How we built it

We have used multiple API(s) throughout the project, which in combination with realtime Google Cloud's Firebase gives the user a flawless experience during the pandemic. We have combined multiple API(s) with geolocation services (Google Cloud Map API + Here Maps API) and realtime notification applications (PushBot) to provide extra flexibility to the user. Also, the project is equipped with an AI based bot - CareBot, made using IBM Watson. Furthermore, we have included Firebase Admin package to assign roles to the users with privileges. Last but not the least, we have also include live updates for geo-location in order to achieve contact tracing capabilities for COVID Tracer, which not only updates your COVID status, but even alerts about any infected person around you.

Architecture :

Built with

Challenges we ran into

  1. Data Security issues to protect user's geo-position and location history
  2. API stream exchange failure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. AI based bot - Assistant Sigma
  2. Real-time Forms, Database, and Map services
  3. Interactive Dashboard
  4. COVID19 Tracer
  5. Admin Panel

What we learned

Learnt a lot about APIs and Google Cloud services. Also, managed to brush upon our AI and web development skills.

What's next for CareQuest

  1. SMS and mailing services for COVID19 Tracer to make contact tracing more efficient and reliable
  2. Newsletter subscription for the user to keep him / her updated about all the changes around him / her on a daily basis
  3. Inbox feature for CareNet to enable private conversations between hospitals
  4. COVID Community Risk Indicator to be included in COVID19 Tracer to provide realtime updates to alert people about the surfaces and areas to avoid during this pandemic
  5. OpenCV to check if the user is wearing mask or not
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