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This benefits those who are immunocompromised or those who are unable to leave their house easily for the sake of health and safety; this includes the elderly, those with respiratory illnesses, or people showing COVID-19 symptoms. CarePackages4U increases accessibility of basic living supplies to those who are vulnerable or in need during this pandemic. Those who are in a position to help, can easily provide aid with a non-contact delivery. This promotes a sense of community and dependability.

What it does

CarePackages4U is an easily accessible web application that allows anyone who is unable to leave their houses to request their needs in a list. Local volunteers, donors, food banks, or charities can then view their list in the homepage, contact them, then set up a plan for delivering the needs for them. Anyone with a web browser and internet connection can access this! By not having to go outside, those who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus do not risk the chance of becoming even more susceptible to catching the virus. Local charities or donors simply only need to add the items in the care package to their normal shopping list, thus reducing the number of people outside and total trips made. This supports self-isolation. With a contactless drop-off to the front of the requestee’s door, there is a decreased- or even very low -chance of transmission of COVID-19, keeping both the receiver and the donor safe.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, Python (with flask and sqlalchemy libraries/packages) Designed UI first, then implemented database and visuals

Challenges I ran into

None of us had too much experience with HTML and CSS, and this was our first time ever implementing a database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it done! The pitch slide deck.

What I learned

We both learned and gained experience with HTML, CSS and Python. We now know how to implement a database into web applications.

What's next for CarePackages4U

A login/authorization system to distinguish between volunteers and those who need help Allow users to choose how long they would like their post to be up for Security system that verifies that those volunteering do not have ulterior motives Add better responsive designs for smaller devices such as phones and tablets Use location services to show users in the nearest listings Have posts expire every 10 days unless the user chooses to renew the post Allow users to upload images

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