With my grandfather and many millions of people who face one or more chronic health conditions, aggravation of an illness happens often due to negligence or lack of early intervention. The suffering to the health and costs incurred due to hospitalization to the person, family and health insurance company can easily be prevented if the illness is consitently monitored and managed. A support system backed by technology, doctors, data and health tech companies can preempt such a situation and help the patient keep the illness at bay and lead a happier healthier life.

What it does

Care More is a system involving apps and health care professionals. Doctors and therapists keep consistant check of the patient while monitoring and preventing illness exacerbation. There are 2 apps : Patient App:

  1. Connects the patient to the doctors and therapists who regularly visit
  2. Monitor chronic illness using data aggregated from health insurance companies, pharmacies, bills, claims, visits.
  3. Provides daily task checklist such as taking medication, exercise.

Doctor App:

  1. Doctor can view and manage all her patients. See their history, schedule visits, communicate and resolve issues
  2. Create health improvement plans

The patient, doctor, family and health insurance companies are connected by this system.

How we built it

We built it using React Native, React

Challenges we ran into

Understanding data, coming up with meaningful set of actions for managing and improving the patient's condition through technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for CareMore

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